Course Syllabus

Fall 2011

Course Syllabus
Japanese 1 Fall 2011
#3736 Mondays & Wednesdays 6.50 p.m.-9.20 p.m.

Instructor: Sanae Enomoto Jennings
Classroom: B2 108
OFFICE HOUR: 9.20 p.m.-9.40 p.m. Room B2 103 (or by appointment only)


REQUIRED TEXTBOOK and Workbook: Genki Ii񂫂Pj, An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese, Second Edition, The Japan Times ; 
Genki Ii񂫂Pj, An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese-Workbook, Second Edition,  The Japan Times


This course develops basic Japanese language proficiency in the four language skills-listening, speaking, reading, and writing-and introductory cultural knowledge. The course provides and active learning environment to obtain skills and includes some cultural activities to enhance learning.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to the following in Japanese:
Listening: understand short simple conversations and narratives in Japanese within highly predictable and familiar context relying on memorized phrases and short sentences.
Speaking: interact in highly predictable common daily settings using short memorized phrases and sentences in Japanese.
Reading: understand short narratives and messages within highly predictable and familiar contexts.
Writing: write short messages and letters in Japanese using short memorized phrases and sentences.
Culture: understand basic current Japanese lifestyle and practices.

Class Attendance, and Participation   112 pts
Homework (15 weeks x 6pts) 98 pts
Vocabulary Quizzes (5 times x 20 pts) 100 pts
Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji Quizzes (8 times x 20 pts) 160 pts
Chapter Tests (4 times x 40 pts) 160 pts
Oral Performances (6 times x 10 pts) 60 pts
Oral Test 20 pts
Projects 40 pts
Mid-term Exam 100 pts
Final Exam 150 pts
Total 1000 pts
Extra Credit for perfect attendance = 50 pts A= 900 or above, B=800-899, C=700-799, D=600-699, F= 599 or below


1) Class Attendance, and Participation:

Regular and punctual attendance and participation is crucial to perform well in this course.  Your class performance is evaluated every session.  You are expected to be in class, well prepared and participating in the activities for the entire class time.  Coming in late in the middle of class activities and lectures is very disruptive.  Excused emergency absences are: serious illness or death of close family member, students’ illness corroborated by a physician, jury duty, natural and/or unavoidable disasters such as earthquake, flood, fire, and so on.  You will be marked LATE (attendance is reduced by 50 %) if you are not in class when roll is taken.  Leaving early will also reduce your attendance points by 50%.


2) Homework Assignments: Homework assignments will be announced in each class. No late assignments are accepted without prior arrangement.  No credit will be given for homework submitted after the due date and/or completed during class time. 


3) Quizzes /Tests: A vocabulary quiz per lesson will be given.  Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji quizzes will be given (details to be explained in class).  Chapter Test will be given after each lesson is completed. Details regarding chapter test will be announced in class.    


NO MAKE-UP POLICY: No make-ups will be given for oral performance, and quizzes.  Also, there will be no make-ups for tests unless there is a prior arrangement.  Please note that only one make-up test (in one semester per student) will be given when the student has a legitimate reason (with some written proof such as doctor’s note and so on). 


4) Oral Performances and Projects: You will be asked to memorize some of the dialogues in the textbook.  You will sometimes be asked to write and perform skits in class. These skits should be based upon material that you have studied up to that point so that you will get an opportunity to practice that material and other students will be able to understand.  You will also be assigned some projects related to the content in the textbook during this course.  Details will be given in class.  


4) Written Examination: The mid-term exam (lesson 1- 3) will be given in the middle of the semester (please see the schedule).  The final Exam will be given on Lesson 1-5.  If you need to take a make-up exam, please contact me (in-person or e-mail) prior to the date of the exam or within 24 hours after the exam time to make necessary arrangements.  Please note that make-up exam can only be administered during my office hour.  Please note that you will not given a full credit for a make up test (=10% will be deducted).



The instructor reserves the right to modify this syllabus as necessary at any time.  If you are late or absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, extra assignments, and any changes in the course syllabus.  Being absent or late is not an excuse for incomplete assignments.  Do not ask the instructor to go over the material you missed because of an absence.  First obtain notes from your classmates and study the book.  If you do not understand the material after you have done the above, please come and see me for clarification. 


It is also your responsibility to officially withdraw from the class, if necessary, by the deadline dated in the schedule of classes.  Non-attending students who miss the deadline for withdrawal receive an F or W.  College Policy requires that an “Incomplete” Grade will be discussed with the instructor and the student.  “Incomplete” is possible only under extraordinary circumstances and as long as the student has a passing grade prior to the final exam. 


ACADEMIC DISHONEST POLICY: All students are expected to do their work on their own.  All forms of cheating (and assisting cheating as well) and plagiarism are absolutely forbidden.  When a student engages in academic dishonesty, the assignment/test will receive a failing grade, which may result in a failing final grade F. 


CLASS CONDUCT:  Before coming to the class, make sure cell phones are turned off!! Text messaging during the class is considered as absence/no participation.  No eating (including gum) and drinking (except water) are allowed in class. Those prevent you from full participation in class and also highly disruptive to the class activities.   If you have a medical condition that you need to have some food/drink during the class, please see me. 



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